Which Types Of Driveways Last The Longest?

Do you want to improve your home and make it more attractive, stylish and ultimately – long-lasting? If yes is your answer, you can start with your driveway as one of the most frequent areas outside of your home. Renovating your driveway or even constructing a new good looking and durable driveway can be the best idea you ever had. Why?

Many people want to improve their homes and make them look attractive and stylish. Apart from what’s inside the house and the usual renovations made to the kitchen and garage, the driveway is among the most valuable areas of a home or property – simply because it introduces us and everyone visiting us to our home.

We all want to have the best driveways for our homes, don’t we? But is there a driveway that will last the longest?

In fact, there are many types of driveways you can choose from, and most usually they depend on the variety of building materials used. The most common and durable materials for installing new or renovating your driveways or even garage spaces include cement, concrete, cobblestone, brick, natural stones and many other materials.

However, you should know the benefits of the longest lasting driveways, which we are running through in details below.

Concrete Driveways – How Long Do They Last?

We all know that concrete is one of the most durable materials present, and therefore concrete driveways share the same benefits. However, when choosing concrete for your driveway, you should have in mind the concrete aprons and concrete curb repair that may be needed for your home.

In general, concrete offers a variety of benefits mainly linked to the process of its pouring and how well it was. Both residential and commercial concrete driveways can last for 20 years, and there are many cases in which concrete is known to last for even 30 years or longer.

With a minimal maintenance efforts and having in mind several variables such as the weather, water runoff and quality of installation, the concrete driveways, aprons and curb repair deliver a long-lasting quality and a long lifespan. That being said, concrete is among the top choices for long-lasting driveways.

Driveways Made From Bricks – How Long Do They Last?

Brick is another very popular material used for long-lasting driveways. Although brick driveways are much more expensive than any of the other types mentioned, creating a brick driveway is a process similar to putting together a puzzle – mainly because it includes a large variety of pieces – all of which putting together a puzzle that is pretty much complicated to be positioned.

While standard bricks are the most popular choice, bricks made from cobble stone can be a more expensive choice delivering utmost luxury and style. When talking about durability, residential and commercial brick driveways take pride of having a long lifespan which can be 50 years or even longer. Therefore, it is evident why this choice is more expensive, yet cost-effective in the long run.

Asphalt Driveways – How Long Do They Last?

We all know asphalt as a top-quality material from its use on the streets, hence its popularity at homeowners looking for quality driveways. The truth is, asphalt is an economical and durable option when choosing to renovate or install a new driveway and it offers a stylish black look which can be amazingly inviting to every visitor.

Speaking of asphalt driveways and durability, it is known that the asphalt suffers damages from larger vehicle traffic but also situations in which the water runoff crosses the maximum. With a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, these materials are also among the top choices for driveway and even though they may be risky when it comes to bad weather, asphalt repair is a cost-effective option to get your asphalt driveway renovated quick and easy.

The process of installing an asphalt driveway includes a special asphalt sealcoating which includes thorough power edging and power edge cleaning as one of the main prerequisites.

Gravel Driveways – How Long Do They Last?

Gravel and crashed stone driveways are also among the top choices for a new driveway to many any residential and business owners. The fact that gravel driveways are amazingly affordable and easy to be maintained compliments the choice and adds up to its cost-effectiveness.

Installing a gravel driveway will benefit you if your budget is tight and you want a material that can be installed quickly – gravel takes as little as one to three days to be installed. On the other side, gravel driveways come with a smaller lifespan than the other materials and may last from 3 up to 9 years, depending on the weather. Gravel driveways are not recommended for regions with a lot of sow and frequent snowfall simply because maintaining them is difficult in these occasions.


Remember, choosing a driveway that will last is an important choice every home or business owner has to make. While making the home more inviting, attractive and modern, a top-quality driveway material will result with amazing quality and enhance the beauty of your vehicle area and home.

In the end, you should know that installing a new driveway or renovating your existing asphalt, concrete or gravel one may also come with a special protection and installing new sidewalks and patios to complement the style. Speaking of protection, drainage systems and waterproofing are additionally options you can consider when renovating your driveway, resulting in an inviting home and a top-quality area reserved for your vehicle(s).

If you need more information on renovating your driveway or installing a new concrete, asphalt or gravel driveway for your Minnesota home, you can contact us at Minnesota concrete and rest assured of having the right team taking care of your concrete driveway in the most professional way.


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