Three Reasons Why Minnesotans' Use Garage Floor Coatings

For many, the garage serves as a place to protect the car from the elements, and as a place to keep lawn maintenance equipment, tools, bicycles, and other odds and ends. Because of this, its floor can turn into a gray cracked slab of oil stained concrete.

However, your garage floor doesn’t have to look this way. Now we aren’t suggesting that you store your equipment elsewhere, or that you park the cars outside. After all, that defeats the garage’s main purpose, which is protecting your cars. We are suggesting the use of garage floor coatings. They benefit your garage in a number of ways, as described next:

Protects the Floor from Cars and Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Cars contain a number of fluids such as oil, antifreeze, wiper fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. While you can try to prevent these substances from getting on the floor, it becomes a losing battle over time, especially when your children get their own cars. Years of filling lawnmowers with gas and oil can also cause inevitable spills.

Concrete has pores that absorb these fluids and cause stains that aren’t easily removed. A garage floor coating has a tough yet smooth finish that doesn’t absorb spills. This makes cleanup easy because there are no pores for stains to take hold. A secondary benefit is that your clean garage floor prevents people from tracking these fluids onto the floors and carpeting of the rest of your home.

Winterizes the Garage Floor

Although road salt saves lives by making winter travel safer, it doesn’t save concrete garage floors. Winter commutes in your car guarantee that road salt will find its way onto the garage floor from wet slushy tires and dripping salt water from the car’s underside. Salt affects concrete in three ways. First, it chemically reacts with it and slowly breaks it down over time. Second, if salt and moisture finds its way to the steel rebar inside the concrete, the rebar corrodes and produces an expanding layer of rust that cracks the concrete.

Finally, the salt water absorbed by the concrete’s pores undergo freeze/thaw cycling that causes spalling. Minnesota winters get cold enough for this salt water to freeze. Freezing water expands, which damages the concrete. Temperatures cycle up and down throughout the winter causing the entrapped water to continually expand and contract as it freezes and thaws. This cycling in turn increases the spalling.

Salt also increases the amount of water absorbed by the pores, and more water means more expansion damage. A garage floor coating provides a protective layer that prevents salt and moisture from penetrating the concrete.

Improves the Appearance and Brightness of Your Garage

The gloss of a floor coating reflects more light than bare concrete. This reflected light increases the overall brightness of your garage. More light enhances the safety of your garage, which means fewer falls or accidents while using tools.

Garage floor coatings don’t have to be transparent. They come in a variety of colors as well as numerous chip patterns that make your floor look positively elegant. If you have thoughts of using your garage as a kind of extension of your home, the right floor coating makes this possible. People have converted their garages into man caves, game rooms, home gyms, and home offices. If there is plenty of space, you need not evict your car to the driveway, because the elegance of the floor coating does not diminish its ability to protect the floor.

Improve the appearance and increase the life of your concrete garage floor with the right protective coating. Your cars and equipment in the garage need not turn the floor into a stained gray, and damaged concrete floor. Contact us today to speak with a member from our team about choosing the floor coating that works best for you.


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