Minnesota Garage Floor Coating Benefits

If you’re thinking about skipping the coating on your new or newly cleaned garage floor, you should think again. Garage floor floor coatings offer more advantages than seem apparent at first thought. Here are ten ways homeowners benefit from adding protective coating to their garage floors.

Prevent Cracks

Over time, concrete usually develops cracks from wear and tear and chemical erosion. Repairing cracks is important because they allow insects and other pests into a home. Cracks also just worsen over time if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Floor coatings protect concrete and help to prevent cracks, saving the homeowner money in repair costs.

Stop Mold And Bacteria Growth

Concrete is a porous material, and it traps dust and other organic particles. Mold and bacteria feed off of these particles and grow in concrete, especially in damp areas. Coatings seal off the pores in concrete so dust and organic particles can’t get trapped and serve as a food source for bacteria and mold.

Prevent Slipping Accidents

Floor coatings help prevent falls because they provide traction. Adding a rough surface to a garage floor helps in particular because of the oil and grease garage floors accumulate. As if oil and grease aren’t enough to create a slippery surface, concrete garage floors without coating develop dust at the surface as well. This is because salts in the concrete migrate to the surface over time. Floor coatings prevent this dust accumulation by sealing off the concrete.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Cleaning coated garage floors is much simpler than cleaning floors without coating. This is because the coating prevents dirt, oil, grease, and other spills from penetrating deeply into the floor. When messes stay at the surface, all homeowners have to do is wipe, and debris comes right off.

Add Illumination

Garages are dark places that require lighting. Floors with glossy coating reflect light well and provide better illumination to the area. Areas with better illumination require less lighting, which saves on energy costs.

Adds Strength And Durability

Homeowners who plan on using heavy equipment or machinery in the garage should definitely invest in floor coating. Coatings add strength to garage floors, which helps floors stand up well to wear and tear from traffic and heavy items. The coating absorbs some mechanical energy and reduces the likelihood of cracks and chips. It also protects against erosion and degradation from chemical spills. This extra strength and protection increases a garage floor’s lifespan.

Improves Home Aesthetics

Certain floor coatings come in different colors to match a home’s decor. A glossy sheen also makes a floor appear cleaner, which paints a positive image of a home.

Increases A Home’s Value

Garage floors without damage add value to a home. Homeowners who plan to sell should protect their garage floors with coating. They can sell their homes at higher prices and perhaps even achieve faster sales.

Great For Remodeling

A dirty, dingy garage floor undermines the effort that goes into garage remodeling. Complete floor replacements are expensive, however. They also aren’t necessary if there isn’t severe damage to the floor. Garage floor coatings can make an old floor look new again, which complements the rest of the remodeling work.

Prevents Stains

Concrete often stains because its pores absorb spills. Stains in the garage are very common because of oil and grease from vehicles. People and pets also consistently track in dirt. Stains in concrete are highly stubborn and often require costly professional assistance for complete removal. Coatings prevent stains well by sealing off pores in concrete.

Minnesota Concrete installs garage floor coating to homes throughout the Twin Cities. We’re a locally owned and operated concrete company with highly trained professionals. To find out more and schedule a free estimate, please contact us.


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