Minnesota Concrete Driveway Installation: Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Driveway

When it comes driveways, concrete driveways are perhaps the most durable option, easily lasting 20-30 years before needing replacement. However, depending on how a driveway has been maintained, it may not last this long. Many homeowners then wonder how they will know whether or not their driveway is in need of replacement. Fortunately, your driveway will present signs that it is in need of replacement, and it is merely a matter of being able to recognize these signs. To help you decide whether or not to have your driveway replaced, here are a few of the signs that can indicate that you may be in need of Minnesota concrete driveway installation.

Numerous/Large Cracks

Cracking in the concrete is generally a good indicator of problems with your driveway. While individual, small cracks may be repairable, large and/or numerous cracks likely indicates that your driveway has surpassed its lifespan, and thusly, crack repair would likely only be a temporary solution. Having a professional inspect your driveway will help you to determine whether repair or replacement would be best for you, as they will know whether or not your driveway can be repaired. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you may soon need to consider replacing your concrete driveway once cracks begin appearing.

Pitting and Crumbling Concrete

Another visible sign that your concrete driveway is deteriorating is if the concrete begins to pit or crumble. If you do not know what pitting or crumbling in concrete looks like, a quick internet search can help you to become familiar with this sign of driveway damage. Pitting and crumbling is problematic as these signs can indicate that your driveway has deteriorated extremely, severely impacting its structural integrity. While there may not be immediate cause for concern, depending on the extent of the damage you will want to consider having your driveway redone in the near future. This is due to the fact that once your driveway begins to pit, the damage is likely to rapidly expand.

Shifting Concrete

This is a sign of driveway damage that can sometimes be more difficult to spot; however, it is a sign that is crucial to look out for. While over time you may notice that your driveway is visibly sinking or rising in sections, it may also simply become more uneven or slopped than it once was. Either way, this is a sign that is critical for you to be on the lookout for, as it can indicate critical structural damage underneath your driveway. Usually, any shifting in the concrete of your driveway is an indicator of the ground shifting underneath your driveway. However, it could also indicate the presence of tree roots under your driveway, which could also be causing this damage. Either way, this means that the structural integrity of your driveway is being compromised due to the unstable surface underneath it. Not only will this shifting in your driveway get progressively worse, but also, this uneven surface can cause damage to your vehicles. Thusly, noticing shifting in your concrete driveway is an indicator that you should consider have your driveway immediately replaced.

Knowing these signs that your concrete driveway is in need of replacing can help you to plan for the future, and schedule to have a new concrete driveway poured before your driveway causes damage to your vehicles. If you believe that your driveway is damaged, but do not know whether or not it should be repaired or replaced, contact us. We can help you to determine not only the condition of your driveway, but we can also help you to decide what would be the next best step for you to take.


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