In Minnesota, A Stamped Concrete Driveway Can Make All The Difference

When you are looking for a driveway surface that is going to be strong, reliable, and beautiful, then look no further than a Minnesota stamped concrete driveway. Concrete is not only the ideal material to use in order to have the most robust driveway, but having it stamped is going to add great detail to your home.

Why Concrete?

Concrete is a stronger material than asphalt, and much better suited to deal with the harsh winter weather in Minnesota. Although you may go with asphalt because it is initially less expensive, it is not nearly as strong or long-lasting as concrete. In addition, asphalt requires maintenance that concrete doesn’t.

You may not think that you want concrete because of it’s typical, gray hue. But with stamped concrete, you’ll get more than just the benefits of having a concrete driveway; you also get the beauty that comes with it. Through several choices of patterns, a stamped driveway can give you the illusion of stone or simply add an interesting design element. This will add great color and texture to your driveway, and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is Stamping?

After concrete is poured, a color is applied in order to add depth and beauty. More specifically, a color hardener adds to the surface. This hardener will take the gray concrete from drab to fab. Additionally, this technique will help to give your stamped concrete a great look of depth, and make it look more attractive that merely having a pattern stamped into it.

Once the color is applied, several steps need to be taken until it’s ready to be stamped. When that time comes, large stampers serve to create the appearance of stones, bricks, and other typical patterns. These leave an imprint on the surface and after the pattern is created, professionals will be able to add detail work as required.

When the stamps are lifted, some small amount of concrete may come with the stamp and leave rough edges. Tools like a hand chisel or roller can take care of cleaning and smoothing them. Joints cut into the driveway allow for proper expansion and contraction. Then, finally, your beautiful new driveway will receive its seal.

A Beautiful Driveway

Now that your driveway has been poured, stamped, and sealed, you can begin to use it. A stamped concrete driveway is going to give you the longevity and strength that you expect from concrete, with an added beautiful look. Not only will a stamped driveway add beauty to your home, but will also make it look more unique. Especially if you live in a housing development where the homes look very similar to each other, stamping your driveway is a great way to make your home stand out from the crowd.

A Solid Investment

In addition (and because) stamping your driveway adds to the beauty of the property, it also acts as a great investment in your home. You are making your home look better, which will increase its curb appeal and value to both appraisers and potential buyers.

If someday you think about selling your home, it’s a great preparation to increase the perception of the listing. A stamped driveway shows that you’ve paid great attention to detail, and that you’ve made smart investments in your home. By not having a typical driveway, you can set your home apart from others that might be for sale in the neighborhood.

When you decide that you want to invest in a stamped concrete driveway it’s vital to use professionals. If you want the job done right and get the best possible longevity out of your driveway, using the pros is the best option for you. To learn more about getting a stamped concrete driveway, please contact us.


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