How to Maintain Minnesota Concrete Garage Floors

If you have a nice garage floor, perhaps you’re wondering how to make it last as long as possible. Well-maintained Minnesota concrete garage floors paint a positive picture of properties, especially when it comes to selling and marketing. If you ever plan to sell, a damage-free garage floor will increase your property’s value. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your garage floor in good condition over many years.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Garage floors often come into contact with oil, grease, chemicals, dirt, paint, and insecticides, and you’ll want to keep them clean to minimize staining. You should clean spills right away with nonabrasive cleaning products. Certain cleaning products contain chemicals that can disintegrate concrete. Research products before you use them to make sure they’re safe to use on concrete. Don’t forget to read the package label as well.

Avoid Contact With De-Icing Agents

You shouldn’t use de-icers on your driveway because they harm concrete, and your car will track them into your garage. Even if you don’t use de-icers, your car likely will still track them on your driveway and into your garage from other places. You should hose off rock salt and calcium from your driveway and garage after cars pull in. De-icers with ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate are even more harmful than rock salt and calcium.

Repair Cracks Promptly

If you see cracks, you should contact a professional concrete service to have them repaired as soon as possible. Cracks just become worse with more wear and tear over time, and you’ll want to fix them in the early stages. They serve as breeding grounds for mold and bacteria because they trap water and organic particles. Insects, rodents, and other pests also use cracks as points of entry into your home.

Seal Your Garage Floor

Concrete garage floor sealing is the most protective measure you can take for your floor. Sealer covers the porous surface of concrete, preventing spills from penetrating the floor and causing stains and damage. Sealed concrete floors are also a lot easier to clean because debris comes right off the sealer’s surface. If you work with heavy machinery in your garage, you definitely should apply sealer. The sealer acts as a buffer to absorb some mechanical energy from heavy equipment, which helps prevent stress cracks. It also helps prevent chips, freeze-thaw damage, dust formation, and mold and bacteria growth. Although applying a coat of sealer may not sound like hard work, it’s actually a tricky task. You should hire a professional concrete company to ensure a proper job.

Re-seal Your Garage Floor Regularly

After your first coat of sealer, apply another coat before your sealed concrete garage floor goes through its second winter. The floor then needs re-sealing every other year or more often with heavy wear and tear.

Make Sure Vulnerable Spots Get Extra Sealing

The place where the garage floor meets the driveway needs extra sealing. This is because more ice and water hit this area, making it vulnerable to freeze-thaw damage. If you’re sealing your driveway along with your garage, you should also apply extra sealer at the spot where the driveway meets the public street. This area often gets hit with de-icers that the city applies to public streets. Make sure to ask your concrete professional about these vulnerable places to see that they receive adequate sealer.

At Minnesota Concrete, we have the tools, skills, and experience to seal your concrete garage floor the right way. We’ll help you keep your garage floor in good shape for as long as you own your property. To find out more about concrete sealing for garage floors, please contact us.


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