Consider These 5 Things Before Contacting Minnesota Concrete Driveway Paving

There are several reasons why one may decide to have a new driveway installed. When building a new home on undeveloped land, the need for a new driveway is obvious. The same goes for homes in a rustic setting with a gravel or dirt driveway. Then, there are those who simply realize it is time to start fresh with a new driveway, due to the age of their current one. Whatever the reasons may be, a brand new driveway adds value to your investment and beauty to your overall property. It also makes life more convenient for the drivers in the home, as well as the visitors. So, just how do you go about deciding what the first and second steps are for Minnesota concrete driveway paving. Here are five things to consider when having a new driveway installed.

Why concrete?

Many people may wonder what type of driveway is best ? asphalt or concrete. Here are just a few of the benefits of selecting a concrete driveway:

  • Longevity ? endures 30 ? 40 years.
  • Requires very little maintenance compared to asphalt.
  • Concrete boasts a more rigid, solid surface ? durable.
  • Concrete has a more appealing look than asphalt.
  • Minnesota?s harsh weather makes concrete a smart choice.

Minnesota Concrete delivers a driveway installation that utilizes the material that is best for you.

Are there additional color or texture options with concrete?

At Minnesota Concrete, we offer several options for concrete driveway paving. Many people are familiar with the ?standard? concrete choice, which is light grey in color, but we present a variety of other colors, as well. Stamping is another popular choice for driveway installations. Colored concrete and decorative etching allows homeowners to grace their driveway with unique creations. Concrete, then, can take on a completely different look ? like brick or slate, tile or stone.

What?s your budget (what you should expect to pay)?

Before embarking on a home upgrade, homeowners wonder what the expense for such an undertaking will be. According to one source, the average cost of a concrete driveway installation is as follows: ?A typical two-car driveway is 16 feet wide and 38 feet long without curves or slope, for a total surface area of 610 square feet. It will typically cost $4.99 per square foot to be professionally supplied and paved with concrete. The DIY Material Cost is around $2.59 per square foot.? These numbers are simply averages. Each company varies that amount a bit based on location, length of time in business, how many contractors they have working for them, and so on

Who is your contractor?

Getting to know the people who will be making such a huge impact on your property is essential. Most people feel more comfortable talking to and getting to know their contractors before having them jump right in to do a job. Meeting with contractors prior to having work done, gives you an opportunity to ask questions, establish a rapport, and build trust with them. At Minnesota Concrete, we are a locally-owned and operated small business. We always take plenty of time getting to know our clients and letting clients get to know us.

Can you get a free on-site estimate?

The last thing to consider is whether you can get a free-estimate. A free estimate not only provides you with the price you will need to pay, but gives you an opportunity to meet with the contractor who will do the job. During your estimate, you can ask questions and discuss the different options for concrete colors and texture. Often times, business owners charge a fee for an estimate. So, search for a reputable contractor that you are comfortable with to get one that is free.

At Minnesota Concrete, we realize your home is a top priority for you. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality work and friendly, accessible service. If you would like to discuss Minnesota Concrete driveway paving, please contact us today!


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