There are many options to choose from when installing a new or replacement driveway. You have a choice between asphalt and concrete. If you decide to go with concrete, you can choose from standard grey, colored or add a stamped finish. When adding a new or replacement concrete driveway to your home there are several steps that must be taken to ensure a quality, long-lasting driveway. If any of the following steps are skipped, your concrete driveway will be left susceptible to cracking, heaving and settling.


  1. Cost Estimate An estimator will perform an onsite visit to your home and provide you with a written cost estimate. Meeting with one of our team members is absolutely free.
  2. Project Planning: Your driveway project will typically take 1-2 weeks depending on project specifics. In some cases, we ask that you drive over the class-5 base for a week to help compact before we pour. You can expect to need to stay off your new concrete driveway for a minimum of 1 week before driving on it.
  3. Removing Your Old Driveway: Minnesota Concrete will remove your old driveway in one day. We use a combination of chop saws, jack hammers, a bobcat and a dump truck to remove your old asphalt or concrete driveway.
  4. Removal & Preparation of Sub-Base: If necessary, your old sub-base will be removed to allow for adequate fill to be brought in in-place. We will bring in a six inch layer of class-5 or recycled concrete and compact the material.
  5. Preparing the Area for Pouring: Forms will be set along the outer edge of your driveway. We will then use a series of string levels to ensure we have a level sub-base with adequate drainage. Steel re-bar is installed in a 2 foot grid pattern.
  6. Concrete is Ordered: We are ready to order our load of concrete for the pour. We order our concrete from local suppliers, typically this is Cemstone, that has chemical additives to aid in the curing process and to provide extra strength to the concrete needed for a driveway.
  7. It’s Go Time: Once the truck arrives the concrete is poured from the concrete truck into the driveway forms. Crews work diligently to spread out the concrete and level it. We will start at your garage and work towards the street.
  8. Finishing Your Concrete: Finishing concrete is an art form. This is where the professionals at Minnesota Concrete leave the competition in the dust. Crews must work quickly but smart. Using hand tools crews continue to further level the driveway surface. The driveway edges are carefully finished and control joints are added. From here your broom finish is added by lightly using brooms to finish the surface.
  9. When You Can Use Your New Driveway: We will apply a curing agent to the surface of your concrete. This agent will aid in the curing process. We ask that you wait 7-10 days before driving any vehicles over your new driveway.


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  • Installed a new concrete apron in front of my garage. The job turned out beautifully. Well done! Patti, Apron Installation - Burnsville, MN
  • Very nice guys. Did quality work and were very friendly to work with. Kate, Driveway Replacement - Shakopee, MN