Minnesota Concrete Driveways: The Top Reasons to Consider a Concrete Driveway

If you are currently considering having your home?s driveway replaced, you may be wondering what type of driveway is the best option. Particularly if you currently have a gravel or paver driveway, you may be wondering why concrete driveways are so popular, and what benefits they can provide you with over your current driveway. While each type of driveway provides certain benefits, and suits certain homeowners, there is a reason why concrete driveways are the most popular option, as they provide homeowners with numerous benefits. Here are a just a few of the top reasons to consider a Minnesota Concrete Driveway.


The durability of concrete is one of the main reasons why it is so commonly used for the construction of driveways. Concrete is an extremely strong building material that maintains its structural integrity for many years, and it is for this reason that so many bridges, highways, and buildings are made out of concrete. No matter how many vehicles you plan on placing on your driveway, or how heavy these vehicles are, you will not have to worry about your driveway needing to be replaced for at least 30 years. In fact, when poured properly, concrete driveways are unlikely to crack even under the harshest weather conditions, which makes concrete driveways much more durable, and reliable, than other types of driveways.

Easy Maintenance

Aside from being much more durable than other driveway options, concrete driveways are also extremely simple to maintain, and do not require the same painstaking maintenance that gravel and paver driveways require. Gravel driveways often requiring raking, and the replacement of loose gravel, and paver driveways often need treatments to prevent weeds from growing in between the paver pieces. Also, paver driveways periodically require individual pavers to be replaced. Concrete driveways, on the other hand, generally only require a simple sweeping to remove any dirt and debris. If your driveway becomes stained, you may want to consider pressure washing or hand scrubbing to return it to its original look.

Design Flexibility

Another reason so many homeowners choose concrete driveways for their homes is due to the variety of options that are available to individualize concrete driveways. No longer limited to the slate gray of traditional concrete driveways, there are many options available that allow homeowners to personalize their concrete driveway. Concrete driveways can now be dyed a variety of colors to match your unique personality, and can be polished or textured, which can help to further add to your home?s curb appeal, as well as its overall resale value.

Easy Snow Removal

For Minnesota residents, perhaps one of the best benefits of concrete driveways is how much easier they can be to remove snow from. With paver driveways, shoveling too hard can cause you to damage, scratch, or loosen a paver. Gravel driveways, however, are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove snow from, as you would displace much of the gravel in doing so. Contrarily, concrete driveways provide a smooth, durable surface for you to shovel snow off of, allowing you to quickly and easily get back on the road after the storm passes.

When choosing a new driveway, it may initially seem confusing when trying to decide what type of driveway to have installed. However, when one considers the options available, it quickly becomes apparent that concrete makes for far superior driveways. Between their longevity, durability, easy maintenance, and the way in which they can be personalized to suit your home and increase its curb appeal, there are countless reasons to choose a concrete driveway, only a few of which we have touched upon here. Contact us to find out about more of the benefits of having a concrete driveway, as well as to learn about getting an estimate for having your driveway replaced.


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