Concrete Aprons Protect Your Minnesota Home's Foundation

Minnesota’s harsh winters can play havoc with many of our outdoor spaces, but one particular space can cause a threat to your home’s foundation. The approach of your driveway to your garage, if it settles or develops pot holes, can allow water and salt to get into your foundation, where freezing and thawing can heavily damage the foundation. Let us explain to you how concrete aprons protect your Minnesota home’s foundation.

A Stronger Landing Spot

If you or the previous homeowner opted for an asphalt driveway to save cost, the wear and tear will become most apparent in the area where driveway meets garage. The short span immediately outside the garage takes an extra pounding as the garage will frequently have a small slope up to keep out water. Soft asphalt also is more susceptible to settling. Also, cars, trucks, RVs, boats or other vehicles left parked outside the garage, particularly during the hot summer months, can cause indentations or pot holes to appear. This also leaves an unsightly area at the entrance of your home.

If this asphalt landing area is suffering damage, for a relatively small extra investment, you can pave a short span, 4 to 10 feet, in front of the garage with concrete. The added strength and durability of concrete over asphalt will eliminate the problems of settling and pot holes that might lead to water and salt draining toward your foundation and causing damage.

This area also is where you are most likely to put salt or other thawing agents during the winter as this is the area where you walk and it gives you a better opportunity to come to a safe stop before entering the garage (or sliding into the garage doors if someone were intending to park outside).

Concrete also gives you the option of adding aesthetic treatments to match more closely to your sidewalks or front patio, enhancing the attractiveness of your home’s entrance and adding curb appeal.

All of these purposes add value to your home, both from a structural and aesthetic point. A concrete apron can provide protection to your foundation for 20 to 30 years or more, particularly when install properly and with a minimum of maintenance.

Consider the Driveway Entrance, Too

Another consideration for a concrete apron would be to pave a portion of your driveway from the street toward the house. Paving a section about 10 feet long from the street can add to the longevity of your driveway because of the frequency of vehicles that use your driveway for turning around. Maybe you only drive a light-weight economy car into you driveway, but you have no control over what types of vehicles use the end of your driveway for turning around. You could have heavy trucks that are working in the neighborhood pulling into your driveway as they move in and out of a neighbor’s project. These heavy vehicles take a huge toll on an asphalt driveway that is not designed to handle that kind of traffic and weight, plus the stopping and starting involved.

Get Started Today to Be Prepared for Next Winter

Summer is the time to install your new concrete apron so your home will be better protected when the harsh winter heads Minnesota’s way. Contact our friendly staff for a free on-site visit and estimate for a new concrete apron (or two). We can explain the particular needs of your home and share more about how a concrete apron can protect and raise the value of your home. Minnesota Concrete crews will work quickly to get your new apron installed and to minimize the time you lack access to your garage.


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