Benefits Of Minnesota Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks are an important part of your home. They not only provide a path for you to get to your front or back door, but also make walking by your home safe throughout the seasons. And when you are thinking about what type of sidewalk would work best for your needs, Minnesota Concrete sidewalks are your best bet. Consider these X benefits:

1) Curb Appeal

Concrete sidewalks are a great way to add curb appeal to your home. They not only allow you to easily maneuver from a front door or porch to a driveway or to a backdoor, but they simply look good. Concrete offers you a clean style for your home, but also adds functionality that both neighbors and potential buyers (should you be looking to sell) will be sure to appreciate.

Especially if your home is currently without a sidewalk, adding one is a great decision. And even if you are simply thinking about adding additional sidewalk to your home, concrete sidewalks are a great choice. Finished traditionally, they will add a clean look to your home. But the concrete materials also allow you to add a bit of personal style and flair, if you so choose.

2) Ease of Cleaning

In addition, concrete sidewalks are easy to clean, a benefit you may not immediately think of when considering your options. If you or someone else drops something on the sidewalk, you can easily clean up the mess with an outdoor cleaner and a brush.

3) Safer Walkways

If you have brick walkways, the bricks can settle, weeds can grow up in between them, and they can become a tripping hazard due to potential unevenness. Especially if elderly people live or regularly visit your home, these uneven surfaces can be dangerous either for their feet, or a potential walker, but if they use a walker or can there is a possibility of getting caught up and falling. A concrete sidewalk, on the other hand, gives you a more even surface that is safer to walk on.

4) Withstanding Minnesota’s Weather

Lastly, properly installed concrete will lead to a very robust sidewalk that is able to remain functional and in place even during winter. We don’t have to tell you about the highs and lows of Minnesota weather, which this material is perfect for. From ease of shoveling to lack of cracking, it can withstand even extreme colds.

Professional Installation

When you are thinking about getting a new sidewalk, it’s important to use a company that will not only help you to get it installed, but also help to remove your old one. In addition, a trustworthy sidewalk partner might also be able to give you advice on what size would work best for the space. This could be particularly useful if you are adding new sidewalk that you want to blend with the existing one, or if are looking to change the shape or layout of the sidewalk.

If you try to pour your own sidewalk, you will probably find that it will crack over time. Cracking occurs due to an inadequate foundation, and will cancel out many of the above benefits. Professionals, on the other hand, know how to set a foundation and pour a sidewalk that prevents cracking and ensures the surface will remain in good shape for years to come. Professionals also know exactly what thickness of concrete is required, and will always use the right mixture.

Concrete sidewalks are not only beautiful, but they add a much-needed walkway around your home. Especially if you have loved ones with mobility issues, a concrete sidewalk offer a degree of safety that you can’t get with other materials. To learn more about how a professionally installed concrete sidewalk can help your home prepare for the Minnesota weather, please contact us.


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