Benefits of Having a Concrete Driveway in Minnesota

One of the biggest investments you can make in a home is the type of driveway you have installed. More and more homeowners in the Twin Cities are discovering the benefits of a concrete driveway in Minnesota because of its remarkable durability, versatility and other features. For example, it?s easier to shovel snow from concrete that it is to remove it from gravel. If you?re in the market for a new driveway, here are some advantages of a concrete driveway, along with a few basic considerations.

Advantages of a Concrete Driveway

One of the main reasons Minnesota homeowners prefer concrete driveways is because they?re aesthetically attractive. It?s your driveway that gives guests either a positive or negative first impression. Unlike concrete driveways years ago, contemporary concrete driveways can easily be dyed to whatever color you choose, adding to the exterior beauty of your home. What?s more, texture can be added to concrete to provide even more design appeal.

Concrete driveways are exceptionally strong and durable due to their massive denseness, making them ideal for bearing large loads. Provided they?re poured properly, they rarely crack. Consider that a concrete driveway does a better job of withstanding harsh Minnesota winter weather, whereas an asphalt driveway is more prone to potholes. Because weather changes can lead to concrete expanding and contracting, concrete is installed in large square slabs so that it?s less likely to crack.

Longevity is another bonus of having a concrete driveway. Most concrete driveways are good for as long as 20 to 30 years or even longer. The age variation largely depends of factors, such as installation quality, sub-grade stability, a region?s overall climate, maintenance frequency and the drainage plan. Keep in mind that it?s critical to seal cracks as soon as they develop to stop further problems, such as crocodile cracking.

Concrete driveways are easy to maintain as most stains and blemishes are easy to remove by using a mild detergent and water. But scrubbing with a granular cleaner may be needed for getting rid of more stubborn stains. Removing tire marks or oil stains typically entails using chemicals. For a polished driveway, you?ll need to have a topical sealant applied regularly for protecting the finish. To restore the shine, buffing is usually required.

Installation Time Frame

Sub-grade preparation can involve a time frame ranging from a day or two to as long as two weeks. The length of time it takes depends on where you live and the amount of work that?s involved in the installation.

A highly trained and experienced concrete contractor can typically install a driveway in a period of two to three days once the sub-grade prep is completed. You?ll have to wait several days before you can drive on your newly installed concrete driveway because it needs to cure. In most cases, about seven to ten days is needed. On the other hand, additional time may involved for stamped, stained or patterned driveways.

Considerations and Warnings

Concrete brick pavers can be an ideal solution if you want a stone or brick look but are on a budget. You can find pavers in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, colors and designs that have the appearance of traditional stone or brick.

Newly installed concrete driveways shouldn?t be sealed until they?re at least three to four weeks old. To slow down the process of your driveway deteriorating, you?ll need to seal it every three to five years.

Because installing a concrete driveway can be difficult, it?s not a job for the average homeowner and should be done by a professional installer. Don?t wait until summer of fall to have your new concrete driveway installed. To learn more about what?s involved in installing a concrete driveway or concrete paving, call the professionals at Minnesota concrete.

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