Enjoy the Minnesota Summer with a Concrete Patio

In Minnesota, A Stamped Concrete Driveway Can Make All The Difference

When you are looking for a driveway surface that is going to be strong, reliable, and beautiful, then look no further than a Minnesota stamped concrete driveway. Concrete is not only the ideal material to use in order to have the most robust driveway, but having it stamped is going to add great detail to your home.

Why Concrete?

Concrete is a stronger material than asphalt, and much better suited to deal with the harsh winter weather in Minnesota. Although you may go with asphalt because it is initially less expensive, it is not nearly as strong or long-lasting as concrete. In addition, asphalt requires maintenance that concrete doesn’t.

You may not think that you want concrete because of it’s typical, gray hue. But with stamped concrete, you’ll get more than just the benefits of having a concrete driveway; you also get the beauty that comes with it. Through several choices of patterns, a stamped driveway can give you the illusion of stone or simply add an interesting design element. This will add great color and texture to your driveway, and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is Stamping?

After concrete is poured, a color is applied in order to add depth and beauty. More specifically, a color hardener adds to the surface. This hardener will take the gray concrete from drab to fab. Additionally, this technique will help to give your stamped concrete a great look of depth, and make it look more attractive that merely having a pattern stamped into it.

Once the color is applied, several steps need to be taken until it’s ready to be stamped. When that time comes, large stampers serve to create the appearance of stones, bricks, and other typical patterns. These leave an imprint on the surface and after the pattern is created, professionals will be able to add detail work as required.

When the stamps are lifted, some small amount of concrete may come with the stamp and leave rough edges. Tools like a hand chisel or roller can take care of cleaning and smoothing them. Joints cut into the driveway allow for proper expansion and contraction. Then, finally, your beautiful new driveway will receive its seal.

A Beautiful Driveway

Now that your driveway has been poured, stamped, and sealed, you can begin to use it. A stamped concrete driveway is going to give you the longevity and strength that you expect from concrete, with an added beautiful look. Not only will a stamped driveway add beauty to your home, but will also make it look more unique. Especially if you live in a housing development where the homes look very similar to each other, stamping your driveway is a great way to make your home stand out from the crowd.

A Solid Investment

In addition (and because) stamping your driveway adds to the beauty of the property, it also acts as a great investment in your home. You are making your home look better, which will increase its curb appeal and value to both appraisers and potential buyers.

If someday you think about selling your home, it’s a great preparation to increase the perception of the listing. A stamped driveway shows that you’ve paid great attention to detail, and that you’ve made smart investments in your home. By not having a typical driveway, you can set your home apart from others that might be for sale in the neighborhood.

When you decide that you want to invest in a stamped concrete driveway it’s vital to use professionals. If you want the job done right and get the best possible longevity out of your driveway, using the pros is the best option for you. To learn more about getting a stamped concrete driveway, please contact us.

Minnesota Garage Floor Coating Benefits

If you’re thinking about skipping the coating on your new or newly cleaned garage floor, you should think again. Garage floor floor coatings offer more advantages than seem apparent at first thought. Here are ten ways homeowners benefit from adding protective coating to their garage floors.

Prevent Cracks

Over time, concrete usually develops cracks from wear and tear and chemical erosion. Repairing cracks is important because they allow insects and other pests into a home. Cracks also just worsen over time if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Floor coatings protect concrete and help to prevent cracks, saving the homeowner money in repair costs.

Stop Mold And Bacteria Growth

Concrete is a porous material, and it traps dust and other organic particles. Mold and bacteria feed off of these particles and grow in concrete, especially in damp areas. Coatings seal off the pores in concrete so dust and organic particles can’t get trapped and serve as a food source for bacteria and mold.

Prevent Slipping Accidents

Floor coatings help prevent falls because they provide traction. Adding a rough surface to a garage floor helps in particular because of the oil and grease garage floors accumulate. As if oil and grease aren’t enough to create a slippery surface, concrete garage floors without coating develop dust at the surface as well. This is because salts in the concrete migrate to the surface over time. Floor coatings prevent this dust accumulation by sealing off the concrete.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Cleaning coated garage floors is much simpler than cleaning floors without coating. This is because the coating prevents dirt, oil, grease, and other spills from penetrating deeply into the floor. When messes stay at the surface, all homeowners have to do is wipe, and debris comes right off.

Add Illumination

Garages are dark places that require lighting. Floors with glossy coating reflect light well and provide better illumination to the area. Areas with better illumination require less lighting, which saves on energy costs.

Adds Strength And Durability

Homeowners who plan on using heavy equipment or machinery in the garage should definitely invest in floor coating. Coatings add strength to garage floors, which helps floors stand up well to wear and tear from traffic and heavy items. The coating absorbs some mechanical energy and reduces the likelihood of cracks and chips. It also protects against erosion and degradation from chemical spills. This extra strength and protection increases a garage floor’s lifespan.

Improves Home Aesthetics

Certain floor coatings come in different colors to match a home’s decor. A glossy sheen also makes a floor appear cleaner, which paints a positive image of a home.

Increases A Home’s Value

Garage floors without damage add value to a home. Homeowners who plan to sell should protect their garage floors with coating. They can sell their homes at higher prices and perhaps even achieve faster sales.

Great For Remodeling

A dirty, dingy garage floor undermines the effort that goes into garage remodeling. Complete floor replacements are expensive, however. They also aren’t necessary if there isn’t severe damage to the floor. Garage floor coatings can make an old floor look new again, which complements the rest of the remodeling work.

Prevents Stains

Concrete often stains because its pores absorb spills. Stains in the garage are very common because of oil and grease from vehicles. People and pets also consistently track in dirt. Stains in concrete are highly stubborn and often require costly professional assistance for complete removal. Coatings prevent stains well by sealing off pores in concrete.

Minnesota Concrete installs garage floor coating to homes throughout the Twin Cities. We’re a locally owned and operated concrete company with highly trained professionals. To find out more and schedule a free estimate, please contact us.

Consider These 5 Things Before Contacting Minnesota Concrete Driveway Paving

There are several reasons why one may decide to have a new driveway installed. When building a new home on undeveloped land, the need for a new driveway is obvious. The same goes for homes in a rustic setting with a gravel or dirt driveway. Then, there are those who simply realize it is time to start fresh with a new driveway, due to the age of their current one. Whatever the reasons may be, a brand new driveway adds value to your investment and beauty to your overall property. It also makes life more convenient for the drivers in the home, as well as the visitors. So, just how do you go about deciding what the first and second steps are for Minnesota concrete driveway paving. Here are five things to consider when having a new driveway installed.

Why concrete?

Many people may wonder what type of driveway is best ? asphalt or concrete. Here are just a few of the benefits of selecting a concrete driveway:

  • Longevity ? endures 30 ? 40 years.
  • Requires very little maintenance compared to asphalt.
  • Concrete boasts a more rigid, solid surface ? durable.
  • Concrete has a more appealing look than asphalt.
  • Minnesota?s harsh weather makes concrete a smart choice.

Minnesota Concrete delivers a driveway installation that utilizes the material that is best for you.

Are there additional color or texture options with concrete?

At Minnesota Concrete, we offer several options for concrete driveway paving. Many people are familiar with the ?standard? concrete choice, which is light grey in color, but we present a variety of other colors, as well. Stamping is another popular choice for driveway installations. Colored concrete and decorative etching allows homeowners to grace their driveway with unique creations. Concrete, then, can take on a completely different look ? like brick or slate, tile or stone.

What?s your budget (what you should expect to pay)?

Before embarking on a home upgrade, homeowners wonder what the expense for such an undertaking will be. According to one source, the average cost of a concrete driveway installation is as follows: ?A typical two-car driveway is 16 feet wide and 38 feet long without curves or slope, for a total surface area of 610 square feet. It will typically cost $4.99 per square foot to be professionally supplied and paved with concrete. The DIY Material Cost is around $2.59 per square foot.? These numbers are simply averages. Each company varies that amount a bit based on location, length of time in business, how many contractors they have working for them, and so on

Who is your contractor?

Getting to know the people who will be making such a huge impact on your property is essential. Most people feel more comfortable talking to and getting to know their contractors before having them jump right in to do a job. Meeting with contractors prior to having work done, gives you an opportunity to ask questions, establish a rapport, and build trust with them. At Minnesota Concrete, we are a locally-owned and operated small business. We always take plenty of time getting to know our clients and letting clients get to know us.

Can you get a free on-site estimate?

The last thing to consider is whether you can get a free-estimate. A free estimate not only provides you with the price you will need to pay, but gives you an opportunity to meet with the contractor who will do the job. During your estimate, you can ask questions and discuss the different options for concrete colors and texture. Often times, business owners charge a fee for an estimate. So, search for a reputable contractor that you are comfortable with to get one that is free.

At Minnesota Concrete, we realize your home is a top priority for you. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality work and friendly, accessible service. If you would like to discuss Minnesota Concrete driveway paving, please contact us today!

Minnesota Concrete Driveway Installation: Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Driveway

When it comes driveways, concrete driveways are perhaps the most durable option, easily lasting 20-30 years before needing replacement. However, depending on how a driveway has been maintained, it may not last this long. Many homeowners then wonder how they will know whether or not their driveway is in need of replacement. Fortunately, your driveway will present signs that it is in need of replacement, and it is merely a matter of being able to recognize these signs. To help you decide whether or not to have your driveway replaced, here are a few of the signs that can indicate that you may be in need of Minnesota concrete driveway installation.

Numerous/Large Cracks

Cracking in the concrete is generally a good indicator of problems with your driveway. While individual, small cracks may be repairable, large and/or numerous cracks likely indicates that your driveway has surpassed its lifespan, and thusly, crack repair would likely only be a temporary solution. Having a professional inspect your driveway will help you to determine whether repair or replacement would be best for you, as they will know whether or not your driveway can be repaired. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you may soon need to consider replacing your concrete driveway once cracks begin appearing.

Pitting and Crumbling Concrete

Another visible sign that your concrete driveway is deteriorating is if the concrete begins to pit or crumble. If you do not know what pitting or crumbling in concrete looks like, a quick internet search can help you to become familiar with this sign of driveway damage. Pitting and crumbling is problematic as these signs can indicate that your driveway has deteriorated extremely, severely impacting its structural integrity. While there may not be immediate cause for concern, depending on the extent of the damage you will want to consider having your driveway redone in the near future. This is due to the fact that once your driveway begins to pit, the damage is likely to rapidly expand.

Shifting Concrete

This is a sign of driveway damage that can sometimes be more difficult to spot; however, it is a sign that is crucial to look out for. While over time you may notice that your driveway is visibly sinking or rising in sections, it may also simply become more uneven or slopped than it once was. Either way, this is a sign that is critical for you to be on the lookout for, as it can indicate critical structural damage underneath your driveway. Usually, any shifting in the concrete of your driveway is an indicator of the ground shifting underneath your driveway. However, it could also indicate the presence of tree roots under your driveway, which could also be causing this damage. Either way, this means that the structural integrity of your driveway is being compromised due to the unstable surface underneath it. Not only will this shifting in your driveway get progressively worse, but also, this uneven surface can cause damage to your vehicles. Thusly, noticing shifting in your concrete driveway is an indicator that you should consider have your driveway immediately replaced.

Knowing these signs that your concrete driveway is in need of replacing can help you to plan for the future, and schedule to have a new concrete driveway poured before your driveway causes damage to your vehicles. If you believe that your driveway is damaged, but do not know whether or not it should be repaired or replaced, contact us. We can help you to determine not only the condition of your driveway, but we can also help you to decide what would be the next best step for you to take.